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Terdapat banyak keuntungan dan keunggulan yang mendorong pilihan jatuh di PPAk Atma Jaya.

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PPAk Atma Jaya memiliki kemitraan dengan lembaga profesi, khususnya dengan IAI lewat IAI Afiliated Campus.

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Sistem Akademik PPAk

Sitem informasi akademik untuk pelaporan proses akademik mahasiswa berbasis web seperti nilai, registrasi, saldo dll.

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Here, wed like to show you how JSN Solid can be utilized for multiple kinds of websites, staring from simple personal website ending with professional news portal. All content are fictions and serves for demo purpose only.

  • News Portal / Online magazine
  • Personal website / Blog
  • Corporate website / Service providers
  • Community website / Fan clubs
  • Online shops

Here are some real life examples of JSN Solid.

Beautiful Design

JSN Solid has incredibly beautiful clean design with ultra flexible layout built-up from 28 module positions. The combination of 6 colors variation, 5 menu styles and 6 module styles results in a really remarkable website. In addition, super rich typography makes your content look stunning and clear for all users.

Read more: Layout - Colors Variation - Menu Styles - Typography - Module Styles Font Styles.

Stable Feature Rich Core

For us, JSN Solid is not just a template, but whole piece of software for which we spent more then 2 years. As the result you get ultra stable template with native RTL support and flawlessly running on IE6. Even more than that, there are multiple SEO & Accessibility features which make your website greatly visible for both search engines and people with disabilities.

Read more: RTL Layout Support - IE6 Support - SEO & Accessibility - Flash Gallery.

Dead-easy Configuration

You will be surprised how such a capable template can be so easily handled. Majority of template features are conveniently managed by over 40 template parameters. You dont have to be a CSS master or PHP guru. Just set parameters as you want and enjoy the result.

Read more: Template Parameters.

Outstanding Docs & Support

Even when the template is deadly easy to use, we still provide very comprehensive documentation package of 3 PDF documents. So its really hard to get things done wrong, but if even so, you can get timely and professional support from our team as well as friendly community.

Next Step: Download template documentation for free.

Cost Effective Solution

All the benefits is available for you for just 29$. Our ultimate goal is to offer you a solution that in turns must bring you much more profit. Even more, we provide 30-days money back guarantee, so this is absolutely risk-free. Just give it a try and you wont look back.

Next Step: Download JSN Solid.

Here should be the presentation of JSN ImageShow,
but it is not installed on your website.

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Easy to start

Easy to Start

One of the fastest and easiest ways to learn template is to install sample data and start playing with it. JSN Solid provides unique mechanism of installing sample data directly on your current website. Just few steps and the demo website is here.

More about easy start

Painless Configuration

Painless Configuration

All JoomlaShine templates can be effortlessly configured by template parameters. In template setting page, you will find 40+ template parameters arranged into logical groups for convenient operation. All parameters are equipped with description text for easier understanding.

More about configuration

Flexible layout

Flexible layout

JSN Solid provides 36+ module positions allowing you to have multiple layout configurations. Module positions are designed in smart way to cover all possible spot where you might want to put content. You can specify width of both overall layout and specific columns conveniently via template parameters.

More about layout

Multiple Color Variations

Color Variations

JSN Solid provides 6 major colors variation for your taste. Each color variation covers not only the main background, but also color of drop-down menu, links, table's header and some others.

More about color variations

Versatile Menu Styles

Menu Styles

JSN Solid provides 5 menu styles to present your website navigation. The default Joomla! built-in menu module is utilized, so you don't need to install any external menu modules.

More about menu styles

Comprehensive Typography

Comprehensive typography

JSN Solid was developed with extreme focus on typography and we believe it provides the most comprehensive content presentation capability. Headings, text, links, tables, images, everything was designed with high level of refinement.

More about typography

Excellent Mobile Support

Comprehensive typography

All JoomlaShine.com templates have special built-in design optimized for modern mobile devices iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile-based.

Unlike other template providers, we do not develop something that looks like a mobile app with heavy menu and animation. We built compact and lightweight version of the template preserving the whole original look-and-feel.

More about mobile support

Native RTL Support

RTL Support

All JoomlaShine templates are equipped with native RTL layout support. We spent huge amount of time tweaking every tiny details of the template to make it look absolutely awesome in RTL mode. Everything is horizontally-flipped including dropdown main menu and side menu.

More about RTL support

Cool Image Gallery

The image gallery you see on this website is another cool product JSN ImageShow from JoomlaShine.com. With flash technology applied, you get smooth experience and consistent performance in all browsers.

For mobile device, we have built special lightweight Javascript version, so you can be absolutely sure about images presentation.

More about image gallery

Manage Joomla easily

JSN PowerAdmin

When you install sample data template, you will have one more powerful extension to manage your Joomla site: JSN PowerAdmin. It provides spotlight search, giving results as you type. When you find the desired item, just click it to open the edit page.

JSN PowerAdmin allows you to have full control under your Joomla website in single screen. You can manipulate elements by using convenient GUI with drag-n-drop operations

More about JSN PowerAdmin

Great Docs & Support


JSN Solid is equipped with documentation package that will help you with template utilization.

  • Configuration Manual

    This PDF document gives you detailed description of every template feature. You can print and use this document as a reference every time. You also can watch our playlist Template Configuration.
  • Customization Manual

    This PDF document gives you easy-to-understand instruction how to customize template elements to make it suites you or your client. You also can watch our playlist JoomlaShine Template Customization.


When purchasing our products you are backed up with professional and timely support providing via:

  • Support Forum

    In the support forum we provide support for everyone who bought the PRO Edition of our products. Here you will get support from our support team as well as thousands of active members.
  • Dedicated Ticket Support

    Dedicated Ticket Support is for developers who bought PRO UNLIMITED Edition of our products. With ticket support we can investigate the issue in-depth and provide a solution much faster. 12-hour response time is guaranteed.

Read documentation online


Sebagai alumni PPAk Atma Jaya: yang saya rasa penting pertama adalah Dosen dan Support Universitas, Fasilitas yang saya dapatkan bisa dibilang setara dengan Universitas Internasional, Technology Implementation, Akses ke bahan bacaan dan jurnal internasional memudahkan saya menyusun tugas dan menyelesaikan studi sehingga saya dapat mengembangkan ilmu dan belajar dengan baik. Yang ke dua adalah dosen berkualitas dan memiliki perspektif praktis dalam memberikan materi sehingga memudahkan saya untuk menyelesaikan soal di ujian CA.

AyuLeveni, SE., Ak.

Saya alumni Program Studi Akuntansi FEB Unika Atma Jaya yakin dengan kualitas dan kredibilitas almamater saya. Saat ini saya bekerja di Multi National Company bidang finance di Jakarta. Dengan fasilitas dan kemudahan yang diberikan saya nyaman mengikuti perkuliahan PPAk di Unika Atma Jaya, semua untuk meraih gelar profesi yang diberikan IAI yakni Chartered Accountan (CA) yang sangat penting untuk akselerasi karir saya sebagai profesional.

LinaLina, SE., Ak.

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